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*Hot Winter Quick Order

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Take two hot trends, smash them together and you get our latest addition to the collection, Hot Winter Fermented Hot Sauces. But much beyond the trends, Shaun is dedicated to tradition and preservation. His dedication to keep agriculture diverse has led him to strike up pepper-specific-partnerships with Oregon farms in an effort to use heirloom peppers and help preserve their seeds for years to come. He only uses organic ingredients, and pays fair prices for them, in hopes that he can craft a product that is delicious enough to encourage consumers to help support small independent farmers who make these flavors possible. We can say without a doubt, he’s done it. Not only do the heirloom peppers give way to unique flavors, they offer a wide variety of heat levels. As for the fermentation, it preserves the taste and vitality of the fresh chiles. It also extracts much of the water from the peppers, concentrating the flavor, and thickening the sauce.

A wide array of fermented hot sauces made with heirloom peppers, as well as a set of pepper vinegars.

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