*New York Shuk Quick Order (Retail)

*New York Shuk Quick Order (Retail)

New York Shuk

Wholesale Order and Shipping Note: To help save on the final landed cost, rather than having New York Shuk ship product to us and then to you (i.e. 2x shipping), we have them ship direct to you. For free shipping, please order a combined total of 24+ units of New York Shuk. If you'd like to order less, that's ok - shipping is just a flat $10.

New York Shuk is an artisanal food company focusing on Sephardic and Middle Eastern Jewish cuisines. As two Israeli-natives, living and cooking in New York City, their mission is to elevate and share the vibrant traditional foods they grew up eating. Their line of handcrafted pantry staples gives YOU the tools you need to bring true Middle Eastern flavor to your kitchen.

A variety of Harissa spice mixes, as well as a few Middle Eastern Jewish condiments.

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