*Salt Blade Quick Order (Retail)

*Salt Blade Quick Order (Retail)

Salt Blade

Wholesale Order and Shipping Note: Salt Blade ships from Stocked HQ. All combined orders of $200 or more shipped from Stocked HQ ship for free. If you'd like to order less than $200 from the Stocked HQ, that's ok - shipping is just a flat rate $10.

We’re big fans of ethically sourced and ethically made food. There’s the obvious reasons (the ethics), but also because they seem to taste the best. Maybe it’s the peace of mind, but I’d like to maintain that it comes down to better quality and more care put into the final product. This is Salt Blade in a nutshell. They’re the best cured meats we've ever had and it’s no surprise. Bob, the man behind the curing, puts the most amount of care into his cured meats. He sources pork from one farm (Olsen Farms) for complete transparency, as well as their practices. From there, Bob obsesses over the details, mixing in just the right amount spices like toasted coriander seeds as well as fresh ingredients like OJ, followed by the curing process in his custom curing chamber.

6 varieties available in individually sealed and wrapped sticks.

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